6 Solutions To Common Duct-Related HVAC Issues

Solutions To Common Duct-Related HVAC Issues

Dealing with duct issues? Here are a few solutions to some of the most common HVAC issues homeowners face on a regular basis.

Clean Your Ducts

If your air ducts haven’t gotten their annual cleaning, yet, they may be full of dust, allergens, dander, and other nasty particles, just being blown throughout your home.

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Do Your Ducts Need Repair?

According to the National Comfort Institute, the average homeowner’s HVAC equipment is only 57% efficient! The biggest cause of HVAC system inefficiency stems from air flow issues. Air flow problems usually come from dirty ducts, using the wrong sized air filter, or even using an air filter with too high of a MERV rating for your HVAC system.

Check Duct Sizing

Improperly fitted ducts, while not as common, can cause quite a lot of common HVAC issues. If your home’s contractor underestimated your home’s needs, the installer may have used undersized ducts. Your HVAC system may try to work harder and longer to compensate, which can cause your utility bills to skyrocket.

Check Ductwork Design

Speaking of improperly sized ductwork, if your ducts are too long or there’s too much space between your equipment and the area you need cooling sent to, your comfort will suffer. If your ducts have too many sharp bends, you’ll probably feel the effects of airflow. Rather than sharp bends, slightly bent elbows added to your ductwork can help ease the sharpness of turns and improve the circulation of air throughout your home, leading to better efficiency and improved indoor air quality.

Check for flexible duct damage

Flexible ducts, often made out of plastic, are easily prone to crushing, twisting, and tearing. Check the ducts for kinks and tears. Adding support to this type of ductwork can help prevent twisting and alignment problems that lead to inefficient airflow.

Add More Supply/Return Vents

Often, not having enough supply and return vents can cause HVAC issues. You need to have enough supply vents to allow for adequate airflow and plenty of return vents to draw the air back into your HVAC system for cooling. Not enough of either can lead to uneven pressure in ducts, which can decrease efficiency and comfort.

Many HVAC duct problems issues are beyond the knowledge and ability of the average homeowner and require professional help. Schedule an appointment with an expert HVAC technician to get your HVAC unit working efficiently and effectively.