HVAC inspection when buying a new home

HVAC inspection when buying a new home

If you’re considering investing in a new home, you’ll likely have your home inspected by a professional home inspector. While they do a great job with the overall inspection of your home. They often overlook flaws and faults in HVAC systems and units. This, along with a few others reasons, is why your HVAC inspection should be done by a local Dayton heating and air technician.

Your HVAC system often makes up about half of your monthly energy bill

About half of your total energy bill goes into the costs associated with heating and cooling your home throughout the year. You want someone who can perform a quality HVAC inspection to ensure your heating and cooling systems are efficient and in good working conditions so you’re not overspending on energy bills. It will also give you an idea of the costs associated with any repairs or replacements. So you can budget those into the cost of buying your new home.

The typical home review doesn’t include an HVAC inspection

You might assume your home inspector inspects everything within your potential new home. But they often don’t have the knowledge to do a proper HVAC inspection. If you read the fine print of a home inspection report, they’ll often even admit that they lack the knowledge. They’ll likely just turn on your furnace and air conditioning units to see if they work and that’s it.

Turning off and on an HVAC system doesn’t do much. Especially when it comes to identifying underlying problems that need a more intimate HVAC inspection to find. HVAC systems can be incredibly costly so you want to ensure yours is going to work. Getting a professional HVAC inspection done on your home-to-be will uncover any underlying issues. This will allow you the chance to discuss the options with your realtor to negotiate the price based on the estimate you get from your HVAC technician.

Your HVAC system will be the most expensive appliance in your home

Your new home is a major investment. One that comes with a lot of expenses that you have to take care of yourself. And one of the most expensive of these expenses is usually the HVAC system. A new furnace and air conditioner can set you back thousands of dollars. Having an HVAC inspection done ahead of time will allow you to get a better idea of what your investment is really worth.

An HVAC inspection is worth the small cost of having a professional technician inspect your home to save you a lot on repairs and replacement. Your HVAC tech will be able to give you a copy of their report with their findings. Including suggestions for repairs, replacements, and energy-efficient upgrades. You’re not just investing in a home, you’re investing in an HVAC system and your family’s comfort throughout the year. Contact A-Abel to schedule your new home HVAC inspection and discuss options to improve your new home.