Tips To Keep Your HVAC System Healthy – HVAC Services in Dayton

Keeping up with your annual HVAC services in Dayton may seem difficult, but we’ve got some ways to make that task a bit easier. Avoiding major issues with your HVAC system and utilizing it to its full potential is as simple as taking a few preventative measures. It also involves scheduling professional maintenance when necessary. After all, you don’t want a HVAC system that isn’t functioning properly at a time when you need it most.

Follow the tips listed below to help guarantee your HVAC system works just like it’s supposed to.

Infographic promoting local HVAC services in Dayton for air leaks duct cleaning and evaporator coil cleaning

Locate air leaks and seal them

If you’ve noticed that your HVAC system doesn’t seem quite as powerful as it once was, a leak or leaks could be the problem. You can try to resolve this issue on your own. A more effective solution is to hire a professional HVAC technician to come in. Experienced HVAC Services in Dayton like A-Abel will carefully inspect the entirety of your duct work using specialized equipment. Following that they’ll repair leaks and make suggestions to help you maintain the health of your HVAC system. 

Check your filter

It’s important to keep an eye on your filter for any build up of dust and debris. A filter covered in what looks like matted down cat hair means it is time for a replacement. Maintaining a clean filter is one of the easiest ways to keep your HVAC unit working efficiently. Remember to change your filter at the start of winter and then every 1-3 months following that, depending on your frequency of use. 

Inspect your ducts

Make sure all of the system ducts are properly sealed. Sealed ducts prevent airflow from being weak. This prevents your HVAC system from working overtime to keep your home warm – which can be damaging to the health of your system. In turn, this tip also helps lower your bills by ensuring your system is working at maximum energy efficiency. 

Make sure the coils are clean 

If the condenser coil or evaporator coil are not clean, then your HVAC system will simply not work effectively. Coil cleaning is a job best suited for trained professionals offering HVAC Services in Dayton.

Need help completing some of these tasks?

Be sure to contact us if you need assistance with coil cleaning or any of the tips listed above. We would be happy to help! We know just how frustrating it is when you’re without heating, ventilation, or air conditioning.