HVAC Services: Tips & Tricks

Here at A-Abel, our goal is to help you make your home or office more comfortable and enjoyable. Check out some of these tips & tricks for maintenance, energy-saving and more! Then give us a call to learn more about all of our HVAC services.

Is Your Electric Bill Higher Than Usual?

For some people, up to half of their electric bill can be attributed to heating and cooling. These tips could help you ensure that your heating and air conditioning system is running at its peak efficiency, therefore reducing these costs.

• Preventative maintenance- This could be as simple as changing your air filter on a regular basis, as well as having professional maintenance done annually.

• Be aware of your seasonal needs- They weather changes and so do your heating and cooling needs. Take note of these changes and adjust your thermostat accordingly. Also utilize ceiling and whole house fans.

• Know your home- Take a look at your house and be aware of how energy-efficient it is. Keeping heated and cooled air in your home and having it distributed evenly can be big energy savers. Also make sure your home has properly sealed ducts and an adequate amount of insulation

A Few Other Things To Consider

• If you have pets, sweeping and vacuuming on a regular basis could improve your air intake. Also use a denser filter if you have pets.

• Make sure all of your thermostats are functioning correctly.• Install surge protectors on your HVAC system to protect the expensive equipment, during storms and power outages.

• Always make sure to have your HVAC system checked after major disasters. Floods, hurricanes and high winds can affect your heating and cooling system from running properly and can pose safety risks.

If you need help with something on this list or anything else from your HVAC unit to plumbing or extermination, contact us at A-Abel and let our family help yours!