8 Easy Home Repairs To Keep You Busy During A Coronavirus Shutdown

Starting to get a bit stir-crazy while you and your family are self-quarantined? We totally understand. During this time of social distancing, we recommend staying busy by improving your home with some easy home repairs. Here are a few easy home repairs ideas to get you started!

infographic showing easy home repairs that can keep a homeowner busy during the coronavirus shutdown

Easy Home Repair #1: Caulking

You likely have some old caulk laying around. If you don’t, you’ll likely be able to pick some up at your local home improvement store. Unlike toilet paper, there should be plenty left in stock. Caulk is an important tool because it keeps water out of places it shouldn’t be. Inspect your shower or tub and around all windows and doorways for places that might need to be re-caulked. 

Easy Home Repair #2: Clean Your Dryer Vent

You likely clean your dryer lint trap regularly but when was the last time you cleaned out your dryer vent? Has it been more than a year? If so, it’s time to get to it! Too much build up in your vent can potentially cause a house fire. 

Easy Home Repair #3: Roof Repairs

A leaky roof can lead to some major problems, especially considering the amount of rainfall we typically get in the spring and summer here in Dayton, Ohio. Avoid structural damage, mold, and loss of property by getting a head start on your roof repairs before those April showers hit. 

Easy Home Repair #4: Change your HVAC filter

Have you changed your HVAC filter since the start of winter? A dirty air filter can make your HVAC system work harder than it needs to, which in turn can increase your energy bills. Maintain the life of your HVAC unit by replacing your filter every month. 

Easy Home Repair #5: Tackle Your Pest Problems 

Termites, carpenter ants, roaches, or rodents? Whatever the pest, now’s the time to address the problem. Waiting will only lead to more costly treatments and further damage to your home. If you need help figuring out how to solve your pest problem, feel free to give our expert extermination team a call

Easy Home Repair #6: Plumbing Leak

A leak of any size can cause big (and expensive) damage. It’s best to take care of leaks ASAP but if work and life have kept you from addressing the issue, use this time stuck at home to take care of it NOW. 

Easy Home Repair #7: Peeling Paint

Fresh paint doesn’t just make your home look nice, it also provides protection to your house. If the paint on your home is peeling, it’s time to get a scrapper and can of paint and go to town.

Easy Home Repair #8: Gutters

If you’re stuck at home during a nice day during the coming weeks, take out a sturdy ladder, grab a partner to provide stabilization and safety, and clean out your gutters. They’re likely full of leaves and other debris from last fall. Clogged gutters can cause drainage problems and put your home at risk during the next rain storm. 

Need Help?

If these easy home repairs don’t seem so easy, it’s ok to get help! Our family of companies is here to help when you need us. Give us a call if you need assistance with any of your HVAC, exterminating, plumbing, or electrical woes.