Benefits of Replacing Your AC and Furnace Unit Together

Why You Should Replace Your AC and Furnace Unit Together

When your air conditioner or furnace breaks down, it probably makes sense to replace the unit that’s broken. And keep the one that’s not, right? Unfortunately there are many reasons why you should replace your AC and furnace unit together when one or the other breaks down.

Sizing up Your AC and Furnace

When you replace one or both systems, you should seek help from a professional HVAC technician to get the job done right. An experienced technician has the knowledge to effectively repair a damaged unit. One that you may have thought was on it’s last leg. Saving you money on the costs associated with buying a new system. Your tech can also let you know if it’s time for a replacement.

As a homeowner, you should know the age of your units. Air conditioners typically need to be replaced after 10-15 years, but furnaces can last up to 20+.  The closer your working unit is to its average lifespan, the more open you should be to replace it at the same time you replace the other unit.


Even if you find yourself satisfied with the comfort that your systems provide. Take a moment to evaluate whether or not you can save energy and money in the long run by investing in replacing both your AC and furnace unit together.

Systems that are matched will usually use the same air handler, which reduces equipment cost, size, and energy use. Matched systems are also built to reduce wear and tear on parts, unlike mismatched systems. In addition, these units will also significantly increase energy efficiency, thanks to new technology.

If you switch out only one unit, you may not be receiving the maximum energy efficiency guaranteed by it. Especially if your new system is connected to an aging air handler.

What to do

Matched HVAC systems are not only more efficient, you’ll also save by simply installing your AC and furnace unit together. The installation of both is nearly always less expensive than installing 2 individual systems a few years apart. And the systems’ warranties will like cover more parts over a longer period if the units are matched.

Looking to replace or upgrade your AC and furnace unit? Start planning to do it sooner, rather than later. When you have your annual HVAC tune-up, talk to your technician about the age and health of your systems so he/she can help you estimate a time-frame for replacement. Being proactive allows you time to save money, research potential financing options, and gives you time to watch for sale prices. Contact A-Abel for help with finding the right AC and furnace unit for you.